Image with the word Simmer repeated - Logo for BA Fine Art Degree Show 2020 at the University of Leeds

Amidst global limbo, 63 artists graduating from the University of Leeds present Simmer: the BA Fine Art Degree Show for 2020.

We are existing in a supressed state, a constant fear of going over the edge. 

Overwhelmed by the existential and the mundane. 

A never-ending condition which must be negotiated. 

Release is only temporary. 

We return to the calm. 

It allows us to reach for air and become submerged again and again. 

Beyond, within, against. 

It builds. 

The pressure of heat. 

The whisper of thought. 

The intention. 

A meaning. An interpretation. 

The feeling. Belief. Balance. Conclusion. 

The world resides on a hinge. 

We must feel, play, push, face, build, wear, stamp, destroy it ourselves. 

Momentum never stops. 

There is no answer, movement or solution. 

It is agitated. 

Let it rise to the surface. Show itself to the world in a state of disposition. 

Let it rest, burn, destroy, simmer.


Freyja Appleyard-Keeling Eliza Arron-Unsworth  • Daisy Baker • Abigail Barker • Grace Benita • Ruby Blanchard • Jodie Bright • Daniel Cole • George Crane • Meri Croft • Farah Dailami • Georgina Davis • Imogen Dawe • Louisa Dee • Emily Dodd-Noble • Milo Draco • Suzanna Easton • Talia Ellis-Gilmour • Bethany Foster-Eardley • Sophie Gottlieb • Ashleigh Harrison • Molly Higgins Emily Hoey • Zoe Hollands • Phoebe Hoyland • Ashleigh Jerman • Henry Johashen • Gemma Jones • Poppy Jones-Little • Nada Khouri • Esen Kilic • Kathleen Lagan • Sarah Larby • Sophie Law • Abigail Lence • Henry McAlpine • Georgina Montague • Marnie Moody • Catherine Morgan • Amy Myhill Sasha Napoli • Jenna Pajunen • Fevronia Petrou • Ruby Richards • Olivia Russell • Jessica Sache Olivia Savage • Elizabeth Scoffin • Shruti Shah • Victoria Shaw • Erin Shields • Nikolai Sollohub • Charles Steele • Georgie Strauss • Lily Thomson • Madeline Travers • Joe Travis • Caitlin Vann • Alice Waites • Natalie Whitney • Hannah Woodward • Sonia Yousefi Azimi • Stefani Zinonos


5 to 20 June 2020

Private Viewing Party: 4 June. Email us for VIP access: simmer@gmail.com


You can access the Simmer Digital Degree E-vent here in the virtual realm.

Keep an eye on our events pages and social media channels for more details.

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