Virtual Performances — 12 & 15 June 2020

On Friday 12th and Monday 15th June we will be hosting a series of digital performances, in conjunction with our digital degree e-vent.

There will be a mix of live and pre-recorded performances being broadcast across the two dates.

Schedule for Friday 12 June

Grace Benita: Object Assemblages Performed
Join Grace live, to watch her performance ‘Object Assemblages Performed’. She will assembling sculptures, showcasing the process of making which is fundamental to her current practice. Live virtual performance is a new form of exhibition which she has been exploring as a response to lockdown.

Poppy Jones-Little: What is a ‘lump’?
With a focus upon ‘lumps’, Poppy hopes to draw your attention to words which might slip in without clear intention. She states: ‘Lump” reminds me just how crucial deep and active listening is – the importance of distinguishing something from nothing, of being hyper-aware not only of sound or speech but the noise which surrounds it. I think it is essential to pick apart words or phrases that we use in passing, and consider what we are really paying reference to.’
Watch Poppy’s talk here on YouTube.

Dan Cole: Isolation, Fermentation, Presentation
Join Dan live, to learn how to make a variety of fermented and preserved goods, including dill pickles, sauerkraut and tomato chutney.

Schedule for Monday 15 June

Olivia Savage: ‘Baking Pills’
‘Baking Pills’ treads along the tightrope that lies between our conscious and subconscious, bringing awareness to the unaware and exploring the subconscious through conscious trickery. A video performance.

Olivia Russell: ‘Connection means-, But don’t trust-,’ , 2020
Audio-visual live-stream performance. Running time 11:05
Includes audio excerpts: Alvin Lucier – ‘I Am Sitting in a Room’ (1969)
Watch it here on YouTube.

Grace Benita: Artist Talk *CANCELLED*
Grace will be hosting a talk/presentation discussing her practice, including how her work has changed over the past few years and her making processes.

Sarah Larby: Sculpture Garden Tour
Join Sarah Larby in a tour of her working studio and exhibition space: the garden. Taking you on a tour of her installed sculptural works, Sarah will question what it means to exhibit outdoors.
Watch a video of the tour here on Instagram.

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Friday 12 June

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