Alice Waites

horse by Alice Waites

I am a multimedia artist who specialises in film; the multimedia element comes through in my creation of props and varying visual and audio content. Each individual aspect is a fundamental element to the creation of a mirror to the world, to which has a believable reflection on some of our cultural concerns. Everyday experience of life includes sound and movement as well as stationary man-made and naturally occurring objects, therefore I find it important to have these elements included in art, to have a realistic interpretation of the surrounding environment.

Although my use of media includes the moving image, I juxtapose this by asking my amateur performers to remain comfortably still. This technique was/is used by contemporary film makers such as David Claerbout and Robert Bresson, to explore the sense of the surreal and often awkward or distressing effect it can have on the audience. My characters are often portrayed as mildly intimidating characters, through lack pupils or amplified limbs, for further exaggerating a distressing affect upon the audience.

I find this affect is important in regard to the context of my work. The themes often lie around medieval monsters or myths which include creatures anywhere between beast headed men and fate-spinning witches. Through these characters I have attempted to create a discourse with modern issues such as ethnic and social dilemmas surrounding the isolation and distinctions created to identify minority groups. My work looks to what level of differences there really are in truth, and to what extent these identities are forged by the majority groups.

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