Lily Thomson

Column and vessel and void, Lily Thomson

The promise of a technological heaven or utopia is long established. It is the mirroring of the creative powers of different gods and the creative power of humans that appears when comparing technology and mythology that I am particularly interested in.

The creation of man from the clay of the Earth is a tale in many different mythologies and systems of belief. This creation of man is echoed by the creation of technology from the clay, or raw materials, of the Earth by humans. This also occurs between mythological and religious accounts of languages with intrinsic power, and code, which is technology’s version of a language with intrinsic creative power. This parallel is also drawn between golems and bots, which both rely on the idea of finding the right words to make something come alive.

Though I work across many mediums, the style of my work takes inspiration from technology, in particular internet culture, and familiar shapes and symbols from the digital world such as windows and cursors. I have also been influenced by the aesthetic of encyclopedias and publications such as the Whole Earth Catalogue, and other pre-internet collections of information, which often put as much information onto one page as possible. This format reflects a widespread desire for omniscience,
a desire which has influenced previous works of mine, such as attempting to print out my entire internet history. This reaching for omniscience is just one of the many visions we have of the richly saturated virtual utopia that could be, and which I explore attempting to achieve in my practice.

Instagram: @internetupdate